The It Gets Better Project always has new and exciting initiatives happening in support of LGBTQ+ young people! These are some of the latest.

Customizable Pronouns Coming to The Sims 4

The It Gets Better Project works with The Sims 4 to make it more inclusive. Watch here!

Youth Voices Feels "Like Family to Me"

Elliot, Age 13 - My grandparents don't understand, but "my journey has made me more confident with myself."

"I have never felt more alive!"

It getting better, for me, was finding my community and who I am! - Alejandro Isabella

Spread good juju, support queer youth!

"That feeling of belonging, of seeing a future for yourself. That feeling saves lives." - Jujubee

Canada Bans Conversion Therapy

It Gets Better Canada leads charge to get conversion therapy criminalized at federal level.

Our 2021 Impact Report

See how we made a difference in the lives of LGBTQ+ youth all around the world this year.

Create with us on TikTok!

Meet our latest group of TikTok creators and learn how you can join us.