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You Can't Legislate Our Happiness | Youth Voice Zine Issue 004

Read the latest issue of our Youth Voices Zine for Pride 2023!

Digital Pride

Digital Pride is BACK. Join us Thursdays in June on Twitch for a Pride experience you won't forget.

Rainbow Parenting

Lindz Amer tells parents and allies how we're letting LGBTQ+ kids down and here's how we can be doing better.

How to Handle Political Anxiety

It Gets Better Brazil's Bruno Ferreira has some mental health tips for LGBTQ+ youth to help deal with political anxiety.

The Binary Prison

Sky was a queer, agender Iranian child who thought boy and girl were the only options. Then they found a world of possibilities online.

Don't Be Afraid to Set Your Own Table

For AAPI Heritage Month, members of our staff discuss claiming space as queer AAPINH people.


AAPI& storyteller, activist, musician — because none of us are just one thing. Celebrate these incredible folks for AAPI Heritage Month.

Celebrating Non-binary Identities Under the Trans Umbrella

In high school, Juli didn't feel trans enough for their trans friends or cis enough for their cis friends. Then they found their people.

Model Minority No More

Growing up queer and AAPI, Joanna felt she had to keep secrets — and it affected her mental health. But she’s not holding back anymore.

"It Is OK to Be a Lesbian"

A Lifeline Crisis Counselor gets to tell a caller the words she needed to hear as a teen — it's OK to be a lesbian.