The It Gets Better Project always has new and exciting initiatives happening in support of LGBTQ+ young people! These are some of the latest.

Queer Youth Changing The World

ICYMI - "Out in Front" is an Anthem Award finalist. Watch our docuseries of queer activists changing the world.

Youth Voices Inspire "Comic Heroes"

We're entering our fifth year of collaborating with OTIS College with a whole new set of incredible LGBTQ+ inspired comics.

What Are the Stories That Need to Be Told?

A star-studded lineup of queer creators discuss what LGBTQ+ stories they still want to see in film and on TV.

Customizable Pronouns Coming to The Sims 4

The It Gets Better Project works with The Sims 4 to make it more inclusive. Watch here!

Youth Voices Feels "Like Family to Me"

Elliot, Age 13 - My grandparents don't understand, but "my journey has made me more confident with myself."

"I have never felt more alive!"

It getting better, for me, was finding my community and who I am! - Alejandro Isabella

Spread good juju, support queer youth!

"That feeling of belonging, of seeing a future for yourself. That feeling saves lives." - Jujubee

Canada Bans Conversion Therapy

It Gets Better Canada leads charge to get conversion therapy criminalized at federal level.

Our 2021 Impact Report

See how we made a difference in the lives of LGBTQ+ youth all around the world this year.

Create with us on TikTok!

Meet our latest group of TikTok creators and learn how you can join us.