The It Gets Better Project always has new and exciting initiatives happening in support of LGBTQ+ young people! These are some of the latest.

Thank You to Our 2021 Partners

Join us in thanking all of the amazing partners that made LGBTQ+ youth a priority in 2021.

The Year Ahead

It Gets Better Project Exec. Director Brian Wenke offers a look at all of the amazing stuff we're working on for LGBTQ+ youth in 2022.

2021 Better Everyday Challenge

Join us in uplifting and empowering LGBTQ+ youth BEFORE they're in crisis. Let them know they matter TODAY!

It Gets Better + JoJo Siwa

JoJo Siwa + members of the It Gets Better Project and Facebook talk all about chosen family.

Meet the Winners

Meet the Shutterstock x It Gets Better Project grant winners committed to documenting everyday LGBTQ+ life through art!

Everyone Is in Some Sort of Transition

Ophelia Pastrana shares the lessons she's learned on her 10-year journey for Trans Awareness Week.

Youth Voices: We Made a Zine!

See collections of art, poetry, musings, photos, and more from our Youth Voices for Trans Awareness Week.