Adjectives. Someone whose gender identity and/or gender expression expands beyond, actively resists, and/or does not conform to the current cultural or social expectations of gender, particularly in relation to male or female (see also Nonbinary).

These can be umbrella terms for many identities including, but not limited to:

Agender (or neutrois, gender neutral, or genderless) – someone who has little or no personal connection with gender.

Bigender – someone who identifies with both male and female genders, or even a third gender.

Genderfluid – someone whose gender identity and/or expression varies over time.

Genderqueer (or third gender) – someone whose gender identity and/or expression falls between or outside of male and female.

Intergender – someone whose identity is between genders and/or a combination of gender identities and expressions.

Pangender – someone whose identity is comprised of all or many gender identities and expressions.

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