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It Gets Better stories have the power to connect and engage communities. Our films, videos, books, and more - as well as our free-for-download EduGuides - inspire and empower LGBTQ+ youth, and are ideal for group presentations and events where empathy and inclusivity are encouraged. Learn more about It Gets Better EDU below, and for inquiries, email us at

What is It Gets Better EDU?

The More You Know:

We launched our EDU program in late 2017. Click below to learn more about this new and exciting effort to bring LGBTQ+ stories into classrooms around the globe.



We’ve created a number of EduGuides to accompany some of our best videos, films, books, and more. These are colorful materials with discussion questions, activities, and more that make for an engaging presentation for any audience.

School Visits & Group Presentations

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Are you a teen or college GSA leader - or a teacher, counselor, community leader, parent, or friend - looking for fun and exciting activities to engage your audience? Are you searching for stories to help educate current and future LGBTQ+ allies? Then look no further!

LGBTQ+ Glossary

Finding the Right Words

Words allow us to generate ideas, share stories, and learn and grow from others. They can help us better understand our world and communicate our perspective with others. This glossary can help you better come to know the words often used by the LGBTQ+ community. It is a forever growing and evolving list.