It Gets Better EDU

It Gets Better EDU exists to ensure that the uplifting stories crafted and collected by the It Gets Better Project reach LGBTQ+ youth wherever learning takes place. Learn more about It Gets Better EDU below, and for inquiries, email us at education@itgetsbetter.org.

We offer educators and student leaders easy-to access and easy-to use resources, information, and more – all in support of LGBTQ+ students everywhere.

Check out our latest EduGuide for “The Assignment.”



Our EduGuides are here to help you introduce our best stories to your classroom or GSA group. Each EduGuide comes with discussion questions, fun activities, and even complete lesson plans that make for an engaging presentation. Check out our featured collection here.


Meet imi: A Mental Health Tool for LGBTQ+ Youth

imi is a tool for LGBTQ+ teens, by LGBTQ+ teens and their allies to help you explore your identity and support your mental health. imi was created through a collaboration with Hopelab and CenterLink.

Finding the Right Words

LGBTQ+ Glossary

Words allow us to generate ideas, share stories, and learn and grow from others. They can help us better understand our world and communicate our perspective with others. This glossary can help you better come to know the words often used by the LGBTQ+ community. It is a forever growing and evolving list.


How to Make Your Classroom More LGBTQ-Friendly

Our Education team + our Youth Voices ambassadors discuss what goes into making a classroom LGBTQ+ friendly and welcoming.

Our Official Youth Ambassador Program

Youth Voices

Each year, the It Gets Better Project teams up with an exceptional group of young people to bring unique stories and words of advice to other LGBTQ+ youth around the globe. Click below to learn more about this incredible initiative.