For the last decade, we’ve been helping people like you embrace their authentic selves. Our goal is to make that journey more joyous by empowering you through the stories of others who have shared your experience. Whether you need inspiration, help, or community, we are here for you. You are more powerful than you realize.

The It Gets Better Project inspires people across the globe to share their stories and remind the next generation of LGBTQ+ youth that hope is out there, and it will get better.

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A Decade of Joy - 10 Years Better

September 21, 2020 marks ten years since the first It Gets Better story was released on YouTube. Read all about our journey this last decade and our even bigger plans for the next ten years!

Over 70,000 people have shared their It Gets Better story.

Queerbook Class of 2021

Catch your favorite queer personalities in this visual storytelling initiative to inspire and uplift LGBTQ+ students heading back to school!

Organizations Serving the Black LGBTQ+ Community

To Black Queer Youth — you are loved. Here is list of organizations specifically serving you and your community.

Moments of Joy

Stories From Around the World

We're here to provide an uplifting and empowering break from the seemingly endless feed of tough news. Updated every Thursday.

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