Queer Sex Ed

You know all that important stuff they’re probably not teaching you in school? We’ve got you covered with five episodes of IRL friends having those conversations about queer sex, sex in the media, consent and pleasure, and more – while professional sex educators Dr. Lexx and Melina Gaze listen in to educate and bust some myths!

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Queer Sex Ed

Get to know the cast and explore some of the topics five sets of IRL friends are going to be discussing in the new original webseries Queer Sex Ed.


Sex Media Myths

We learn a LOT about sex through TV, movies, social media, pornography…but is it accurate? IRL friends sit down to talk about what they learned about sex through media, versus what it’s actually like in real life.

episode two

Self Pleasure Myths

Many of us grow up feeling guilt or shame for deciding to explore on our own. Turns out, self-pleasure can be a healthy tool for learning about your body, what you like, and what you don’t like!


Sex in Relationships

Sex can get complicated when we want to bring a partner into the mix – we asked IRL friends to talk about their own sexual (and asexual) relationships while sex educators react. Consent and respect are always key!

episode four

Disability and Sex

All different kinds of bodies can have sex – and from being Deaf to living with chronic pain, there are a lot of factors that can affect our sex and dating lives.


STI’s and Sexual Health

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can sound scary and have a lot of negative stigma attached. We asked some IRL friends to share their experiences with sex prep and safety, testing, and STIs (including the fact that STIs are common, and most are treatable).


Queer Sex Ed Resources

Please check out our list of additional resources to accompany Queer Sex Ed. Refer to the corresponding episodes of Queer Sex Ed when referencing these resources.