About Passion Power Performance

Join us in watching Passion Power Performance, an original It Gets Better Project video series highlighting four out LGBTQ+ athletes as they train for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.
  • Type: Docuseries
  • Genre: Lifestyle, sports & wellness
  • Length: 4 episodes, 3-5 minutes each

This series was made in partnership with Procter & Gamble.

About the EduGuide

You can download our official EduGuide for Passion Power Performance by clicking the large white button above. Our guide will walk you through each episode in the series, asking you to think critically about the stories you watch. It’s intended for young adults (YA) ages 14+, or those already in late middle or high school, but it can be adapted for younger and older audiences as needed. You can follow this guide on your own, with your GSA, during family night, or in a classroom.

The Videos

The 4 videos featured in Passion Power Performance are available to watch for free on YouTube and have been arranged here for easy viewing.

Chelsea will be the First Trans Reserve Athlete at the Olympic Games | Passion, Power, Performance

Chelsea thought a “trans girl like her” could never be a professional BMX rider. See how she proved herself wrong, found a supportive community in the BMX world, and will make history as a trans reserve athlete at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

Courtney’s Journey to Wheelchair Basketball for TEAM USA | Passion, Power, Performance

Sports have always been part of Courtney’s life – and that didn’t change after she became paraplegic. Watch how with the support of her sister, she came out, is changing perceptions of disability, and will play wheelchair basketball for Team USA at the Paralympic Games!

How Izzy’s Wife Proposed on the Olympic Rugby Field | Passion, Power, Performance

Izzy went from being unsure about her identity to an out and proud rugby player representing Brazil in The Olympics (and got engaged on the field). Now, she’s setting her sights on a second round in Tokyo!

Michael Could be the First Openly LGBTQ+ POC on Team Jamaica | Passion, Power, Performance

Michael could be the first openly LGBTQ+ person of color to represent Jamaica in the Olympic Games – but it took hard work and dedication to get there. Watch how Michael handles being an out role model and competitive swimmer while living at the intersection of being Black and gay.

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