About Out & Around

In 2011, Jennifer Chang and Lisa Dazols decided to quit their 9-5 jobs, pick up a video camera, and travel to fifteen countries through Asia, Africa and South America for one year. The result? A heartwarming documentary that captures the momentous changes occurring in the status of queer people around the world today.

  • Type: Feature Film
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Length: 1 hr 20 min



About Our Partnership

When our staff first saw Out & Around back in 2015, we immediately knew it was a story that must be shared with LGBTQ+ people everywhere; not only is it an entertaining adventure story, but it’s also an empowering account of LGBTQ+ resilience in an often complicated world. And with that, a partnership was born.

Out & Around and the It Gets Better Project have been working to share the film far and wide. To date, it has been screened at dozens of film festivals, community events, schools, Pride gatherings, and more around the globe.

We also created the Out & Around EduGuide together. With this guide, you can help us bring this amazing film into even more special settings like classrooms or GSA meetings. It contains additional information about the film, discussion questions, project outlines, suggestions for further learning, and more. To download the guide in English, click the white button at the top of this page. For other language versions, click the links below.


Bonus Material

To learn more about Out & Around, go to outandaround.com. And don’t miss Jenni and Lisa’s It Gets Better video or their outstanding TED Talk below, as well as additional videos from behind-the-scenes.