About Finding Pride

Shortly after the first It Gets Better video was uploaded to YouTube, the campaign went viral. By now, over 70,000 videos have been shared. Finding Pride: Official Discussion and Activity Guide takes a look at 33 of these compelling stories divided into six themes or lesson plans.

  • Type: Video Collection
  • Genre: Lifestyle
  • Length: 33 videos, between 2-9 min each
  • Available On: YouTube

About the EduGuide

Each of the 6 lesson plans in this guide come with a variety of questions and activities to explore. It’s perfect for a GSA group or club meeting, during family night, in a classroom, or anywhere inclusivity is encouraged. It’s intended for those in middle or high school, but can be adapted for audiences of all ages.

Finding Pride was made in collaboration with Journeys in Film, a nonprofit organization harnessing the storytelling power of film to educate the most visually literate generation in history.


The Videos

The 33 videos featured in Finding Pride are available to watch for free and have been arranged here for easy viewing. Just click the links below to open the individual webpages for each lesson plan.

To learn more about the educational materials and opportunities the It Gets Better Project currently provides, please visit itgetsbetter.org/edu