The following resources are a companion to the Queer Sex Ed webseries. Please refer to the corresponding episodes of Queer Sex Ed when referencing these resources.

Episode One: Media

Themes: porn / hypersexualization of black women / body image / porn literacy / birth control / consent / sexual assault / gender identity

AMAZE video on ConsentIntroduction to the basics of understanding consent.
Primer on Porn LiteracyPorn Literacy: Asking questions to help us better understand the porn we use and how we use it.
AMAZE Video on Porn LiteracyVideo on understanding porn literacy from the youth education group AMAZE.
Yes/No/Maybe List from AutostraddleGuide to talking with partners about things that turn us on/off. Suggested for more mature audiences.
Yes/No/Maybe List from ScarleteenGuide to talking with partners about things that turn us on/off. Suggested for more mature audiences.
A silent no is still a no, SaltyNuanced exploration of coercion: “If you cannot freely, safely, and comfortably say no, you’re not really saying yes.”
Spectrum of consent: you can say yes and still feel gross, SaltyDiscusses nuances of consent: “Feeling gross about a sexual encounter is justified, even if the encounter doesn’t match a criminal definition of rape or assault.”
T.S.O.B. Podcast on race and sexualityA weekly podcast that offers intellectual table talk about race and sexuality. Join educator and researcher Dr. Tracie Q. Gilbert as she chats with amazing sex educators, counselors, and therapists, applying a professional Black lens to sexiness, health and healing in the new millennium.
Women of Color Sexual Health NetworkNetwork of WOC sex therapists, educators, and counselors
Medical ApartheidHarriet A. Washington’s book discusses the history of sexualization of people of color which includes origins of birth control and how medical science progressed through experimentation on the marginalized.

Episode Two: Self-Pleasure

Themes: pleasure / masturbation / transitioning and sexuality / intimacy / communication, “yeses” and “nos” / race and culture / myths about our bodies / fetishization

Planned Parenthood – Is Masturbation Good for You?A resource for young people. This does not mention asexuality and that some people do not masturbate, but it’s otherwise generally complete.
What is Sex? – ScarleteenOffers expanded understandings of sexuality and eroticism.
Sexpositivefamilies.comA website with a variety of information and resources for families to learn and interact in safe ways regarding sexuality.
How to overcome sexual shameAn article about what sexual shame is and some ways to overcome it.
Great comic on learning to orgasm and toysFollow Bingo the Bear as they confront different challenges along their pleasure journey.
Trans Health and Transitioning GuidelinesGuidelines for the Primary and Gender-Affirming Care of Transgender and Gender Nonbinary People. Amazing, comprehensive resource! Must include!

Episode Three: Relationships

Themes:  intimacy and diversity of relationships types / friendships / relationship anarchy / demisexuality / asexuality / alternative forms of intimacy

HRC Glossary of TermsBasic gender and sexuality glossary
Refinery 29 – 54 Gender and Sexuality GlossaryMore extensive gender and sexuality glossary
Relationship Anarchist ManifestoWritten by the author who coined the term “Relationship Anarchy”
The Asexuality Visibility NetworkResource for and by asexual-identified folks!

Episode Four: Disability and Sex

Themes:  Disability justice / Disability diversity / Dating and deafness / chronic pain / neurodivergence / trauma / pleasure / Online dating / Apps

Safer Sexting, Planned ParenthoodGuide to safer sexting for teens that works for anyone.
Joox Sex Ed for Deaf CommunityWebsite offering services and some free youtube videos. Deaf-led.
Talking about sex when you have chronic painA short guide on pain and sexuality.
Effects of sexual traumaList of trauma symptoms with links to support.
Resources for sex and disabilityList of resources including books and websites, from the University of Illinois.
All About Sex – fact sheets for people with intellectual disabilitiesComprehensive guide with factsheets.
Online dating and safety hook-up tipsVideo by NYC anti-violence project. Short and sweet.
Tips for not ghostingGood resource to include with any discussions of online/IRL relationships!

Episode Five: STI’s and Sexual Health

Themes:  destigmatization of STIs and HIV / friendship / dating / douching / STIs / HIV

CDC resource on STIsCDC guidelines on STI prevention
Planned Parenthood HIV/AIDS pageUpdated info on HIV/AIDS
The American Sexual Health Association (ASHA) Safer Sex Tool BoxDetails on STIs and prevention
5 ways to normalize STI testingFrom the Body is Not An Apology, a radical sexuality and wellbeing platform.
Safer Sex for Trans BodiesMust-see guide for including broader understanding of sexual contexts and a diversity of bodies.
ASHA Safer Sex ToolboxRecommendations from American Sexual Health Association on what type of activities can transmit STIs.
Living Positively: Your Roadmap to Living Positively , San Francisco AIDS FoundationComprehensive Guide from progressive HIV+ rights organization. Check out the section on disclosing your status.
Black AIDs NetworkPosition on advocacy within the black and HIV-positive community
O.School on how to discloseSome tips on STI disclosure politics
Prep and PepFrom the San Francisco AIDS Foundation for those considering Prep and Pep.