Here’s a digest of the projects we were able to fund in 2022 within and outside of our Global Affiliate Network through our Global Grants initiative. To know more about our Global Grants and how to apply, click here.


For a third year in a row, we were able to sustain the operational support for It Gets Better Canada. This helped them to strengthen their strategies on TikTok, more testimonial series and work on their accessibility efforts in French.


It Gets Better Guatemala requested a grant to invest in video equipment to support their ongoing storytelling efforts, which include their strategies on TikTok –earning more than 8k followers–, their podcasts, and ongoing public health campaigns for queer youth.


We continued our support for the operational costs of It Gets Better México, which allowed them to start their Twitch program.


Asia Rainbow Ride is an annual event across the island to raise awareness and funds for local LGBTQ+ nonprofits. Proudly, we extended our support to help cover the event with video assets to be able to promote their event for future editions. Here’s the result: