Hi everyone – Colton Haynes here to ask you to support the It Gets Better Project this holiday season.

As someone who’s struggled with anxiety for most of my life, when I moved to LA to pursue my career, I suddenly felt like I had to act 24 hours a day for years to maintain a certain image. It was exhausting, and I finally decided to stop pretending and start living my authentic life.

My hope for LGBTQ+ youth is that they can live without having to put on an act or hide their true selves, and organizations like the It Gets Better Project are helping us get there.

The mental health and livelihood of our youth depends on the support of people like you — of allies and those who came before them to take a stand and speak out against the anti-queer legislation we’ve seen so much of over the last few years. Please join me in helping the It Gets Better Project reach their goal of raising $200,000 by the end of the year through the Better Everyday campaign. Support their critical work and show queer youth across the globe that you support and love them.

Take it from me — your support today to reach LGBTQ+ youth before they’re in crisis and help shape them into hopeful, confident kids is invaluable.
My heart is with all of you this holiday season & please know that you are deserving of love without pain. ❤️

Colton Haynes
Actor, Author, Activist

Colton Haynes is the author of Miss Memory Lane and has starred in television shows including Arrow and Teen Wolf (pictured above). He will next be seen in Teen Wolf: The Movie.