About the Series

Queer Kid Stuff is an original YouTube channel created by Lindsay Amer that’s dedicated to LGBTQ+ kids. It’s hosted by Lindsay with the help of their best stuffed friend, Teddy.

  • Type: Video Series
  • Genre: Educational
  • Length: 9 videos, between 3-6 min each
  • Available On: YouTube

In the series “Learn Your LGBTs!,” Lindsay, Teddy, and friends teach young kids what ‘LGBT’ stands for, what identities many people share, and so much more!

About the EduGuide

We’ve chosen 8 of Lindsay and Teddy’s best videos (plus 1 bonus video) and created printable worksheets to go along with each one. Each worksheet includes engaging discussion questions about the corresponding video and fun activities to do as a group. We hope you enjoy it!

Adults can download the EduGuide above and print out the worksheets for their classroom or other special settings. When you’re ready, just hit play above and let the videos take it from there. There are also links to each video in the guide itself.