Write for itgetsbetter.org

The It Gets Better Project is always reviewing guest blogger submissions and pitches for itgetsbetter.org. We’re eager to highlight your fresh takes on a variety of topics. The best way to be considered for publication is to refer to our writer’s guidelines below.

We offer a stipend for writers whose submissions are selected for publication. 

Writer’s Guidelines

Length: Less is more – 500-750 words is a good guide. For particularly nuanced topics, a bit longer will be acceptable.

Style: Write how you talk. We love conversational tone, we love bold statements, we love articles that are easy to digest and glean important information from. 

Tone/Audience: Clever, confident, and helpful. We are eager to feature a variety of POV’s, LGBTQ+ and intersecting identities, and topics. Keep in mind that our audience is LGBTQ+ youth ages 13-18. We love to prioritize giving a platform to youth voices, and other submissions should be written with them in mind.

Topics: We care about any and all things that pertain to LGBTQ+ youth. We’re working to uplift, empower and connect queer youth around the globe. They’re well aware of all of the challenges and obstacles facing them in this world, so we use our blog to focus on topics that inspire and excite them. For example, if the topic is, “LGBTQ+ books being banned in schools,” a feature expanding our understanding of the bigger issue at play and reassuring youth, rather than focusing on the people who are doing the banning, is preferred. 

We’re particularly interested in pieces related to the following topics through December, 2023:

  • Hispanic Heritage Month (Sep)
  • Back to school season (Sep)
  • Bi Awareness Week/Bisexuality Day (Sep)
  • LGBTQ+ History Month (Oct)
  • Indigenous Peoples’ Day (Oct)
  • National Coming Out Day (Oct)
  • International Pronouns Day (Oct)
  • Asexual Awareness Week (Oct)
  • Intersex Awareness Day (Oct)
  • Trans Awareness Week (Nov)
  • Trans Day of Remembrance (Nov)
  • Winter holidays/chosen family topics (Dec)

How To Submit

Download and attach a Google/Word doc to your email and send it to submissions@itgetsbetter.org.  If you’re interested in pitching a new topic vs an already written article, please provide samples of your previous work. You may also provide links to your blog or previously published works in your query.

Example Blogs

  • Teen activist Desmond writes about mental health support for LGBTQ+ youth like them.
  • Teacher and GSA Advisor Libby writes about the impact winning one of our 50 States 50 Grants had on students.
  • It Gets Better TikTok Creator TJ writes why we need to include queer history in Black History Month.
  • Artist Saff illustrates an educational comic to explain the concept of queer platonic relationships for Aro Awareness Week.