Your Purpose Comes From All the Things You're Going Through | It Gets Better: Olivia Julianna

From growing up religious in a Mexican family, to raising over $2 million for abortion rights, to becoming the Director of Politics at Gen Z for Change, Olivia Julianna knows a thing or two about being an effective activist. We sat down to talk with her about the intersections between her activism and her Latina and queer identities - and got a peek into her closet, too.

Why I Stopped Trying to Please People | It Gets Better: Dee Trannybear

"Artivist" Dee Trannybear-Marino found themself through hair and makeup, but saw that the beauty industry didn't really cater to trans and nonbinary they co-founded a company that does just that! 💄✂️

I Always Knew Gender Was Fluid | It Gets Better: Chella Man

Chella Man on finding a sense of belonging and identity through art, community, and most recently...joining a trans boxing collective! 🥊🏳️‍⚧️

How do you Present to the World? | Writing Our Own Dictionary

How do you show yourself to the world? The journey to gender presentation, how your gender is viewed by others, is just that — a journey. It doesn't have to be finalized overnight...or at all. We spoke to some different LGBTQ+ people about how they express themselves and play with their gender presentation.

Let's Define Bisexuality and Pansexuality! | Writing Our Own Dictionary

Bisexuality and pansexuality: what's the difference? These two sexual orientations have some similarities that can be a little confusing, so we turned to some IRL bi and pan people to explain what these terms mean to them in their everyday lives and relationships.

What Being Trans Means! | Writing Our Own Dictionary

Being trans looks a little different to every trans person: how do you present your gender, what pronouns will you use, how will you identify? We chatted with some trans folks IRL to learn how each trans journey is uniquely amazing.

Non-Binary People Describe their Gender Journeys! | Writing Our Own Dictionary

Nonbinary, or enby: the gender identity for when you don't feel like you fit into society's traditional idea of the binary "man/woman" gender setup. IRL non-binary folks spoke to us about their own personal gender stories to see how they got where they are today (and maybe where they're going next).

Trailer | Writing Our Own Dictionary

If you've ever been curious about nonbinary identities, how trans journeys can look different for every trans person, the difference between bisexuality and pansexuality, or how to present your gender to the world...then this is the series for you. Hear from LGBTQ+ people about what their various labels and identities mean to them, in their everyday lives.

How Izzy's Wife Proposed on the Olympic Rugby Field | Passion, Power, Performance

Out and Training for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: Izzy went from being unsure about her identity to an out and proud rugby player representing Brazil in The Olympics (and got engaged on the field). Now, she's setting her sights on a second round in Tokyo!

Courtney's Journey to Wheelchair Basketball for TEAM USA | Passion, Power, Performance

Out and Training for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: Sports have always been part of Courtney's life - and that didn't change after she became paraplegic. Watch how with the support of her sister, she came out, is changing perceptions of disability, and will play wheelchair basketball for Team USA at the Paralympic Games!