VOLUNTEER – Affiliate Director, It Gets Better [Country]

The It Gets Better Project is a non-profit organization working to uplift, empower, and connect LGBTQ+ youth around the globe. We currently have affiliate teams operating in nearly 20 countries:
  • It Gets Better Project (USA)
  • It Gets Better Argentina
  • It Gets Better Brasil
  • It Gets Better Canada
  • It Gets Better Colombia
  • It Gets Better España (Spain)
  • It Gets Better Ελλάδα (Greece)
  • It Gets Better Hungary – Coming Soon!
  • It Gets Better India
  • It Gets Better México
  • It Gets Better Paraguay
  • It Gets Better Perú
  • It Gets Better Portugal
  • It Gets Better Россия (Russia)
  • It Gets Better República Dominicana
  • It Gets Better United Kingdom
  • Es Wird Besser Österreich (Austria)
  • Todo Mejora (Chile)

To learn more about our Global Affiliate Network, and how your country can join our growing list, go to itgetsbetter.org/JoinAffiliates.

We’re currently seeking multiple Volunteers to assist our global staff in launching and operating new It Gets Better® affiliates in countries where we do NOT currently have an affiliate or operating presence, or to lead an affiliate that is currently inactive. NOTE: This is a volunteer position. While Affiliate Directors may raise funds on behalf of their organizations (if legally qualified to do so), they do not receive a salary or any other form of payment from the It Gets Better Project directly. 
TO APPLY: please send a cover letter/email with a link to your LinkedIn account to international@itgetsbetter.org. (NOTE: This opportunity is ongoing, so there is no set deadline to apply.)

  • Work with It Gets Better Project staff to officially launch and operate an It Gets Better® affiliate in your country
  • Dutifully represent the organization’s vision, mission, and values in your country, and faithfully build a name and platform for the affiliate that adheres to the highest standard of all organizational policies
  • Recruit and maintain an executive team of qualified and committed volunteers with experience in social media (including in terms of marketing and public relations), videography (for recording, editing, and uploading videos), community engagement, and other necessary skills to help the affiliate achieve success


  • Strong aptitude for public speaking and interpersonal communication, as well as team and project management
  • Ability to tell your own personal story and that of others in connection to the larger LGBTQ+ global movement
  • Ample experience working and engaging with youth ages 11-24
  • Substantial knowledge about the power of storytelling, as well as the impact and influence of online and social media on LGBTQ+ youth

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Verbal fluency in English, as well as in the predominant languages in your country