Meet “imi”: A Mental Health Tool for LGBTQ+ Youth

imi was created through a collaboration of LGBTQ+ organizations, and hundreds of LGBTQ+ young people from across the country – it’s a tool for LGBTQ+ teens, by LGBTQ+ teens and their allies to help you explore your identity and support your mental health. Choose from one of the topics below to get started!

Stress Guide

Making your way through a world focused on cisgender, heterosexual folks can be stressful. Let’s explore ways to manage that extra burden.

Queerness Guide

Explore the many intersections of your identity and how your experiences shape your LGBTQ+ identity (or, your queerness).

Stigma Guide

Internalized stigma looks, sounds, and feels different for everyone. Unpack and challenge the negative or confusing messages you might tell yourself about being LGBTQ+.

Gender Guide

Understand, explore, and share your gender identity and expression, plus learn about the terms folks use for gender.

Visit for LGBTQ+ 101’s, additional resources and more information on how you can get the word out about imi to friends.