About Writing Our Own Dictionary

Join us in watching Writing Our Own Dictionary, an original It Gets Better Project video series highlighting the stories of various LGBTQ+ people as they discuss what various labels and identities mean to them, in their everyday lives.

  • Type: Docuseries
  • Genre: Lifestyle
  • Length: 4 episodes, 5-7 minutes each

About the EduGuide

You can download our official EduGuide for Writing Our Own Dictionary by clicking the large white button above. Our guide will walk you through each episode in the series, asking you to think critically about the stories you watch. It’s intended for young adults (YA) ages 14+, or those already in late middle or high school, but it can be adapted for younger and older audiences as needed.

The Videos

The 4 videos featured in Writing Our Own Dictionary are available to watch for free on YouTube and have been arranged here for easy viewing.

Let’s Define Bisexuality and Pansexuality! | Writing Our Own Dictionary

Bisexuality and pansexuality: what’s the difference? These two sexual orientations have some similarities that can be a little confusing, so we turned to some IRL bi and pan people to explain what these terms mean to them in their everyday lives and relationships.

What Being Trans Means! | Writing Our Own Dictionary

Being trans looks a little different to every trans person: how do you present your gender, what pronouns will you use, how will you identify? We chatted with some trans folks IRL to learn how each trans journey is uniquely amazing.

Non-Binary People Describe their Gender Journeys! | Writing Our Own Dictionary

Nonbinary, or enby: the gender identity for when you don’t feel like you fit into society’s traditional idea of the binary “man/woman” gender setup. IRL non-binary folks spoke to us about their own personal gender stories to see how they got where they are today (and maybe where they’re going next).

How do you Present to the World? | Writing Our Own Dictionary

How do you show yourself to the world? The journey to gender presentation, how your gender is viewed by others, is just that — a journey. It doesn’t have to be finalized overnight…or at all. We spoke to some different LGBTQ+ people about how they express themselves and play with their gender presentation.

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