We paired young people with four amazing LGBTQ+ pros in the culinary industry and gave them an assignment. From cooking and creating, to running a juice bar, to designing interiors and accessories, get ready for The Assignment (and see how each pair performs). Big thank you to the Taco Bell Foundation for helping us produce this series.

  • Type: Docuseries
  • Genre: Lifestyle
  • Length: 4 episodes, 6-10 minutes each

About the EduGuide

You can download our official EduGuide from the large “DOWNLOAD PDF” button above. Our guide will walk you through each episode in the series, provides facilitator guidance, and interactive participant packet for students.

The Videos

All episodes of The Assignment are available for free on YouTube, and listed below for easy reference

Episode 1: Make Almond Milk From Scratch with Super Juiced!

Time for a visit to Super Juiced, the queer, Black, and Brown-owned organic juice bar in Oakland, CA! We paired interns Angelica and Kaylena with co-owner Rana Halpern and gave them an assignment: teach us how to make almond milk from scratch (and use it in a delicious strawberry smoothie)!

Episode 2: Cook From the Soul (No Recipe Allowed) with Lazarus Lynch!

We paired Marquice with pro chef Lazarus Lynch – Chopped champ, author of “Son of a Southern Chef,” and the first queer Black Met Gala chef – and gave them an assignment: cook from the spirit, no recipe allowed!

Episode 3: Liven up the Kitchen with DIY Drink Coasters with Sophie Collé!

There’s a lot more to the food scene than just the food – so we paired Joy with interior designer Sophie Collé and gave them an assignment: liven up the kitchen with some adorable DIY drink coasters (and learn how to use some power tools in the process)!

Episode 4: Celebrate Your Culture Through Food with Melissa King!

We paired Phoenix with pro chef and “Top Chef: All Stars” winner Melissa King, and gave them an assignment: celebrate your culture through food (while discussing how they each found their queer community)!