Are you a teen or college GSA leader – or a teacher, counselor, community leader, parent, or friend – looking for materials to help uplift, empower, and connect LGBTQ+ youth? Or are you searching for materials to help educate current and future allies? Then look no further!

The It Gets Better Project has produced and partnered on a number of video series, films, books, and more that are perfect for a group screening, book reading, or presentation. Check out our growing list of options below:

Video Series



If you’re up to the task, we encourage you to host a screening and/or book reading of your own of one of the above items with the help of our original EduGuides (available to download for free at

Our staff is also available to answer questions and to provide additional support or training if needed, particularly for the materials we don’t yet have EduGuides for. We’re even available to host a screening, book reading, or presentation for your group, as well, either in-person (if you’re located in the Los Angeles, CA area) or via a video call.

Please reach out to our staff with inquiries or for more information at And click here if you’re interested in volunteering.


Special Note

In 2012, the FAIR Education Act went into effect in California (USA). It mandates that all K-12 history and social studies curriculums in the state include references to the contributions of members of the LGBTQ+ community to our world today. It’s one of the first laws of its kind, and we hope it paves the way for all states (and countries, too!) to do the same.

Educators: we hope our materials make introducing the stories and lives of LGBTQ+ people in your classroom an easier and more engaging experience. Thank you for your allyship!