Below you’ll find a collection of virtual backgrounds for Zoom available to download for free. Each one depicts a different queer artist’s interpretation of the It Gets Better Project’s vision for LGBTQ+ youth. They can also be used as wallpapers and cover photos.

Just click on the image that you like, then right click to “Save Image.” To upload the image to Zoom, follow these instructions. (TIP: Don’t worry if the image looks flipped or mirrored on your end; it’ll look fine to anyone you’re Zooming with.)

We’ll be adding more images to this list over time, so make sure to check back in to see what’s new. And while you’re online, make sure to follow the incredible queer artists who helped us make them. Their social handles are highlighted below.


By Milo Mars (IG: @milomars_)

By Christine Suggs (IG: @csuggsillustration)

By Juan Ignacio Hervas (IG: @garibiscus)

By Hey Rooney (IG: @heyrooney)

By Nahdir Nor (IG: @snadhir)

By Alex Tagali (IG: @myselfsquared)

For additional ideas for how to make your digital classroom more LGBTQ-friendly, click here