About Fearless

Fearless is an MSNBC original video series created in collaboration with the It Gets Better Project and ONE Archives. The series discusses the context in which early LGBTQ+ activists struggled and thrived, and how they fought (and won) against overwhelming challenges like transphobia in the legal system, police raids on queer nightlife establishments, religious discrimination, and so much more.

  • Type: Video Series
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Length: 9 episodes, between 4-7 minutes each
  • Available On: YouTube

About the EduGuide

The official EduGuide for Fearless is available to download for free by clicking the large white button above. It will walk you through each video in the series and provide you with discussion questions that ask you to think critically about the stories you watch. It’s intended for young adults (YA) ages 14+, or those already in late middle or high school. You can follow this guide on your own, with your fellow GSA members, during family night, or in a classroom. You can watch and discuss one video at a time, or even watch the entire series in one sitting. The options are limitless. 

The Video Episodes

There are nine episodes in the Fearless series. Each episode features a single pioneer/trailblazer form the 20th century LGBTQ+ activist movement, including:

Episode #1 – Reverend Troy Perry

Episode #2 – Malcolm Boyd

Episode #3 – Jewel Thais-Williams

Episode #4 – Alan Bell

Episode #5 – Virginia Uribe

Episode #6 – Mia Yamamoto

Episode #7 – Ivy Bottini

Episode #8 – Joey Terrill

Episode #9 – Carolyn Weathers

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