The It Gets Better Project always has new and exciting initiatives happening in support of LGBTQ+ young people! These are some of the latest.

It Gets Better w/ American Eagle Outfitters!

10 Ways to Boost Someone Else's PRIDE This Season

Eager to give back this season? Look no further!

PRIDE @ El Camino Real Charter HS!

Twitch Shares Their It Gets Better Message! #TwitchUnity

Happy Pride!

It Gets Better @ Otis College!

We teamed up w/ students at Otis College over the Spring '18 semester. Check out their amazing comics!

5 Must-See It Gets Better® Videos From April

We have affiliates in nearly 20 countries around the world. Check out their stories here!

Honoring Mothers Who Made It Better

Andy Cohen writes about how his mother became an amazing ally for him and so many others in the LGBTQ+ community.