“Industry S.T.E.M.”

Take a closer look at LGBTQ+ STEM professionals and the experiences that led them to careers within science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Industry S.T.E.M. follows five LGBTQ+ professionals in the bioinformatics, immunology, neuropsychology, epidemiology, and engineering industries.

Produced in partnership with the Howmet Aerospace Foundation.


Industry S.T.E.M.

We’re so excited to introduce you to 5 LGBTQ+ people dominating the fields of science, tech, engineering and math – because we really are everywhere and we really can do everything. WATCH THE TRAILER NOW!


Anna Lytical Teaches Coding in Drag

Meet Billy, AKA Anna Lytical, who’s on a mission to make the world of coding more exciting and accessible – by teaching it in drag, of course!

episode two

Monitoring Community Disease Outbreaks

Meet Jenn, Surveillance Epidemiologist (and artist) who monitors the community to spot outbreaks of diseases – who was always determined to be out and proud at work.

Photo of Jenn


The Bisexual, Bearded, Baking Brain Scientist

Meet Jiwan, a Neuropsychologist-in-training who studies the connections between what goes on in our brains and the behaviors we engage in. He’s on a mission to show people like him that they have a place in this field, too.

episode FOUR

Studying the Immune System of Cancer Patients

Meet Reiss, an immunologist who studies the immune systems of cancer patients and researches T-cell therapy as their way to benefit the world and “give back” through science.


Why STEM NEEDS Queer People

Meet Sabah, the scientist who studied the invisible world of tiny microbes, who now works with WikiData to identify research candidates for studying genetic diseases and to repurpose older drugs to treat new illnesses.

Companion Resources for Educators

Educators and student leaders — share Industry with your class or GSA group using our free EduGuide. The Industry EduGuide consists of five lessons, each corresponding to an episode of Industry. The guide also includes a participant packet with everything your students need to facilitate discussion around this exciting look at LGBTQ+ STEM professionals.