Adjective. Someone who is attracted to more than one gender (for example, a woman who is attracted to both women and men). Some people use the word bisexual as an umbrella term to describe individuals that are attracted to more than one gender. In this way, the term is closely related to pansexual, or omnisexual, meaning someone who is attracted to people of any gender identity.

Bisexuality is something very complex. Sexuality I feel, is a constant search for what you like, and at the moment for me I feel I am bisexual. That could definitely change but right now that’s where I am. Bisexuality, to me at least, is that one’s gender does not stop me from liking them romantically. Though pansexual and bisexual and various other sexualities’ that synopsize the attraction to multiple genders are similar, for me personally there is a distinction between them. Pansexuality for me, is the view of attraction through a non-gendered lens, while bisexuality is the attraction to two or more genders, yet through a different- still attracted to multiple gendered- lens. The difference between those sexualities can be confusing, and don’t be scared to try different labels and see what feels right.
– Laynie, 15 years old, Missouri
Youth Voices, Class of 2022

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