Adjective. Someone who either: experiences little or no sexual attraction, experiences attraction but doesn’t feel the need to act out that attraction sexually, or experiences sexual attraction differently depending on other variables. Many people who are asexual still identify with a specific romantic orientation.

Asexuality is a spectrum that has many other identities under the “ace-umbrella” such as demisexual (someone who may develop sexual attraction to someone after forming an emotional connection) or greysexual (someone who has different experiences with sexual attraction that relate with asexuality, such as infrequent sexual attraction, and more).

An asexual is someone who experience sexual attraction differently than others, often having none or less sexual attraction than others, experiencing it only in specific situations such as with someone they are emotionally bonded to, or having it vary throughout time. This has no bearing on one’s sex drive or sex life.
– Sasha, 17 years old, California
Youth Voices, Class of 2022

At one point in time I identified with asexuality, I felt so validated when I found the term that explained how I was feeling. I am glad that we are spending more time uplifting the term asexuality.
– Anonymous
Youth Voices

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