If you’re shaken by yesterday’s events, bella.jimenezz has some words of encouragement ❤️ itgetsbetter lgbtq wordsofwisdom capitolbuilding news

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Every single emotion that you are feeling right now is so incredibly valid and healthy. Hi everybody, I am Isabella Jimenez. I’m a highschooler near Dallas, Texas and a youth voice with It Gets Better.

I think if you’ve been on any sort of social media or even just talking with anyone over the past day, you’ll be able to understand what’s happening within our society. It’s OK to feel scared, and it’s OK to feel angry. But it’s especially encouraged to keep your hopes high and your spirits up. We need to stay strong together, as a community of one! It’s important that we’re able to press on and mature past this time, united together.

If you have the desire to reach out to anyone, or if you’re feeling alone or isolated, there are so many people that care about you and your emotions. You are not alone!

We remain assembled, undivided and loved. We will get through this, and you are important!

– Isabella Jimenez, 16