This Week, Youth Voices ambassadors Eris and Chloe along with Education Coordinator Rae Sweet-Sandoval joined the “Woke AF” podcast with Danielle Moodie to talk about how things are going for LGBTQ+ youth in America today. Fresh from attending the It Gets Better Project’s inaugural Youth Summit in Los Angeles in early November, Eris and Chloe had the unique experience of spending the week surrounded by other LGBTQ+ young people.

The interviews appear in three parts across three separate episodes, all dedicated to shining a light on queer youth — to hearing their voices, championing their causes, and fighting for their future. In response to the onslaught of hate speech coming from bigoted politicians, Danielle kicks off the series, saying: “If you can be free to be a fcking bigot, then other people should be free to live inside of their own fcking skins.”

The anger is palpable and justified, and while Eris and Chloe have a message they want to send to the adults who may be listening, more than anything, they just want to be kids. Listen to these powerful conversations below.

Episode One – Unshrinking Youth (Eris)

Episode Two – Queer Youth Are the Future (Chloe)

Episode Three – Protesting is a Privilege (Rae)