“Trans kids just want to be kids — and we deserve that chance. I deserve my childhood.” – Jace D., 16 years old, Utah.

As we’ve seen far too often over the last several months, the rights of trans youth are under attack. While an increasing number of states are working to pass laws offering protections to LGBTQ+ people, this year, 28 states will consider anti trans legislation, with most of the proposed bills targeting trans youth. 

Trans youth deserve better. Bills attempting to prevent doctors from giving them life-saving care or ban them from participating in sports are hateful and fear-based, plain and simple. 

But don’t just take our word for it. Two of the It Gets Better Project’s Youth Voices sat down to talk about the anti trans bills being discussed in states like Arkansas*, Tennessee, Alabama and South Dakota. 

Jace D. and Hammy H. got real about how these proposed bills make them feel, why they keep raising their voices even when it seems like they’re not being loud enough, and how other young people can step up and speak out against anti-trans discrimination.

Watch their conversation, and for additional resources for trans and GNC youth, visit our Get Help center. 

* This conversation was recorded on Friday, April 2, three days before Arkansas’ governor vetoed the ban on health care services for trans youth. On April 6, the General Assembly voted to override the veto and Arkansas became the first state to outlaw gender-affirming treatment for trans youth.