“Long ago, the town was pillaged by goblins. To protect themselves, the blacksmiths rose and forged a gate to keep the goblins out. Now with the goblins seen as a forgotten memory, the number of blacksmiths have dwindled and the task of maintaining the gate lies in the hands of a single family.

But the task has not been easy for the blacksmith’s son, Stephan, who is constantly mocked by the other townspeople for his dirty appearance. Just as Stephan decides to abandon his duty as a blacksmith, the goblins reappear and wreak havoc. He is faced with the ultimate decision: leave everyone to their fate, or protect his home like the blacksmiths before him.”

Read Blacksmith, by Stella Lau, Ireen Chau, Rusty Thornhill, and Vignesh Subramanian  – created as part of our partnership with Otis College of Art and Design

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