Canada is a BIG COUNTRY… and Canadians have even BIGGER HEARTS.

This June – Pride Month – we want to put your big heart to work to help us SHARE THE LOVE with Canada’s LGBTQ2 youth. It’ll only take three minutes of your time… and all you have to do is post a message on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter telling these kids that you care. It can be a short video, a picture or GIF, a text message – whatever you want – along with the hashtag:


We all know, it’s not always easy growing up gay. Gay kids are often bullied and marginalized – while many of them hide their true selves out of fear of being rejected by family and friends. Suicide rates for LGBTQ2 youth in Canada are seven times higher than the national average — one in three gay youth attempt suicide — while the rates for transgendered and First Nation kids are even higher.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that research tells us that when gay kids are engaged in a caring supportive community, the risks go way down. Help us reach our goal of 10,000 posts and together we can let Canada’s LGBTQ2 kids know that this big country is big enough for everyone.