Staff – Coordinator, Gaming & Future Tech *Applications Currently Closed*

Status: Part-Time Contract, 20 hours/week

Duration: May 2021 – December 2021

Compensation: $24/hour

Location: Agnostic

Position Summary. The Coordinator, Gaming & Future Tech will support development of the It Gets Better Project’s foray into the Twitch space, overseeing our Twitch channel and any associated content and fundraising strategies, including but not limited to content creator recruitment and management, channel moderation, special event support, and program promotion.

  • Work in conjunction with Social Media Strategist to build out a Twitch ambassador program and elevate the visibility of the It Gets Better Project on the Twitch platform.
  • Identifying viable LGBTQ+ streamers to participate in the It Gets Better Twitch ambassador program, including onboarding new streamers, managing relationships and ongoing communication.
  • Working with streamers to develop streaming content aligned with the It Gets Better Project’s mission.
  • Building out a monthly streaming schedule/calendar in coordination with the content creators.
  • Coordinating with Social Media Strategist to determine stream promotion schedule and identify ideal dates and times to feature content creators across It Gets Better social media channels.
  • Coordinating digital assets from streamers to promote their work. Additionally, coordinating delivery of It Gets Better physical and digital assets for streamers to promote in-stream.

Skills Required:

  • A keen understanding of the Twitch platform, including streaming culture and the technical aspects of the Twitch creator dashboard.
  • Familiar with Tilitify or similar digital donation platforms.
  • Volunteer management and the ability to curate a cohesive streaming schedule with a variety of content creators.
  • Understanding of the diverse LGBTQ+ community and its various voices, needs and interests.


Please send resume and cover letter to