Right Honourable Justin Trudeau

Prime Minister of Canada

80 Wellington St,

Ottawa, ON

K1P 5K9

1 March 19

Prime Minister:

Right now, across Canada, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning and two-spirit youth are being forced to take part in various coercive practices aimed at “curing” them of their sexual orientation and gender identification. Commonly called “conversion therapies,” these practices are neither therapeutic nor scientific and put mental health and human rights at young Canadians at serious risk.

The Canadian Psychiatric Society, the World Health Organization, the World Psychiatric Association, the American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association, the Royal College of Psychiatrists, The Australian Psychological Society, The Canadian Psychological Association and even the Federal government’s own Public Health Agency of Canada – all of these prominent organizations and dozens more agree: Canada’s LGBTQ2 kids don’t need bogus therapies: they need love, support and acceptance, just like everyone else.

That’s why It Gets Better Canada and other prominent youth advocacy organizations are supporting Petition e-1833, which calls on the Federal government to put an end to gay conversion therapy across the country. The petition, which Saskatoon West MLA Sheri Benson submitted to you earlier this month, has 18,000 signatures. To that total, we’re adding the names of over 60,000 citizens from our own change.org Right To be You petition. The message is loud and clear: Canadians from coast-to-coast-to-coast want their government to end conversion therapy. Now.

It’s time, Prime Minister, for Canada to take a stand for health and safety of our LGBTQ2+ youth, to take a stand for the rights of young people across the country, and join countries like Brazil, Germany, France — and soon the UK – by banning conversion therapy once and for all.


It Gets Better Canada/On S’améliore Canada

Endorsed by:

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada

Canadian Mental Health Association


Pflag Canada

We Matter