About the Book

Author Sarah Prager gives voice to twenty-three LGBTQ+ icons from history who invented and radicalized and trail-blazed. These astonishing true stories demonstrate how rich and varied gender and sexuality have always been in every culture, in every millennium. To learn more about the book, go to www.sarahprager.com

The book is available for purchase at your local LGBTQ+ bookstore, on Amazon.com, or from the publisher, Harper Collins.

To learn what inspired the book, watch this video:

About the EduGuide

Queer, There, and Everywhere: Official Reader’s Guide walks viewers through some of the book’s most important themes and asks them to think critically about the lives and stories they read. It’s perfect for a GSA group or club meeting, during family night, in a classroom, or anywhere inclusivity is encouraged. It’s intended for those in middle or high school, but can be adapted for audiences of all ages.

Bonus Material

Check out this great It Gets Better® video from the book’s author, Sarah Prager, available on our YouTube channel.