We are proud to announce the launch of the newest member of our Global Affiliate Network: IT GETS BETTER GUATEMALA. The amazing team behind our first affiliate in Central America is Cuates Guatemala. Check out their amazing promo video:

As an official affiliate of It Gets Better Project, It Gets Better Guatemala is joining a vibrant and growing network dedicated to uplift, empower and connect LGBTQ+ youth around the globe through storytelling & community building. Doug Tejeda, the affiliate’s president, shared the reason why it was crucial to bring our message of hope to his country:

It is important because our local LGBTQ+ community needs to know that they are not alone, especially in a moment like this in which Guatemala faces a hostile political enviroment. Our youngest peers should know that there are more people who have learned to be happy in their own way and who smile and believe in and work for a more peaceful world.

Justin Tindall, the It Gets Better Project’s Director of Education and Global Programming, celebrated this moment with the following words:

We are beyond excited to bring the It Gets Better message to LGBTQ+ youth in Guatemala, in our first-ever official capacity in Central America. It’s thrilling to know that we finally have this chance to work with a team in the region, one equipped to let young people know that there are LGBTQ+ communities right there, right where they live, that are thriving and who are ready to embrace them. What an opportunity that is for love!

To learn more about It Gets Better Guatemala, and to keep up with their storytelling efforts, follow @ItGetsBetterGT on the following social media pages: