It turns out that fast food wars are a good thing — for LGBTQ+ youth, that is.

The battle for the best chicken sandwich rages on in the form of a fundraiser launched by Instagram influencer @quentin.quarantino, Good and Upworthy. What started as an effort to raise $10K for the It Gets Better Project while bringing attention to Chick-fil-A and recent social media feuds with competing fast-food chains has raised more than $130K for the It Gets Better Project… in just 24 hours. And the fundraiser is still going on for another 29 days.

“It’s truly a pleasure and surprise to find myself raising such large amounts of funds for so many different people with my Instagram page,” Tommy Marcus (@quentin.quarantino) said. “I think this fundraiser is a perfect example of using social media to give power to the people, and I absolutely love it.”

Representatives for Good and Upworthy agreed and were thrilled to be able to shine a spotlight on LGBTQ+ youth.

“The dollar amount raised is huge, but even more impressive is that thousands of people are coming together and contributing. The average donation is about $23,” said Gabe Reilich, Head of Content & Innovation for Good and Upworthy. “What you’re seeing is a grassroots movement — I think it shows, without a doubt, that social media can be used as a positive force in the world.”

“At Upworthy we believe in a better world for ALL,” said Lucia Knell, VP of Brand at Upworthy. “The LGBTQIA+ community is such an important part of the Upworthy family. We couldn’t be prouder to partner with two like-minded Instagram accounts to support the great work of the It Gets Better Project this Pride Month.”

Check out the Pride Chicken fundraiser on Instagram at @quentin.quarantino and join us in thanking them (along with Good and Upworthy) for “showing up for our LGBTQ+ friends and family.” Fighting back against homophobia by supporting the future success of LGBTQ+ youth is the best form of activism.