Zines – aka, self-published mini magazines – have been a part of LGBTQ+ culture in some form or another since, well, forever. From underground publications sent secretly in the mail, to activist rally flyers left at bookstores, to collections of art, poetry, and photographs collaged and photocopied at the library, zines help us connect and inspire change!

Our Youth Voices know how important zines can be for expressing emotions and sharing creativity…so they made their own in honor of Trans Awareness Week. Enjoy the digital issue below. It’s filled with their art, poetry, photos, and more. You can find them and share on our Instagram and Tumblr, too!

Check out issue number one below, and stay tuned for future installments!

Issue 001: November 2021

Trans Awareness Week:

Featuring art by Elliot and Chloe, a story about a Pride experience from Cal, poetry by Hailey, and a tribute to Nico’s cat!

Issue 001: Trans Awareness Week | Nov 2021

Stay tuned for the next issue, and see what else our Youth Voices are up to here!