Who loves comics?!

The It Gets Better Project sure does! Our obsession began in 2013, when we first partnered with Archie Comics to celebrate Kevin Keller Day. We’ve been working to elevate LGBTQ+ voices and stories from the comic world ever since.

That’s why we began partnering with Otis College of Art and Design in Spring 2018, as a community partner for the school’s Comic Book Heroes course.

Our objective together has been simple: help create a course that encourages Otis’ students to embrace “immersion design” – i.e. the creation of content that encourages audiences to be active rather than passive consumers and to embrace social equality.

The results have been amazing! Dozens of student groups have written and designed original comic stories that feature new and exciting LGBTQ+ characters. Each one has used It Gets Better as a central theme, and inclusion and diversity were core tenets. 

Check out all of the comics from talented students below. Just click a title and enjoy the show!


Helping Hand: A superhero fights a shadow creature that feeds off the negative emotions of a questioning boy.

Witch of Hearts: The Princess of Gearingdale accidentally took the witch’s Love Potion…and fell in love with her.

Rebel Hearts: In a dystopian universe where people are separated by their sexuality, a group of teens team up to take down the system and restore balance to the universe.

Blacksmith: With the threat of the goblins now seen as a forgotten memory, the task of maintaining the town gate lies in the hands of one blacksmith and his son, Stephan.

Monstrous Crush: In a world where lies have consequences, a girl named Max has a big crush on her classmate Meredith but is unable to confess properly – turning her into a monster.

FALL 2020

Drag Witches

Flight Club

Have Faith

Leroy N’ The Rainbow Squad


Chatbot: The Fairy God App

Jacob Needs A Date

Reign of the Oblivion

The Trend


Guadalupe’s Lesbian Memory Fantasy, Amen!

How to Come Out: Safety Instructions


The Wedding Dress

FALL 2018

A Letter from the Past

City Symphony

Coming Out of the Airlock


A Tale of Two Buddies

Love Yourself, Express Yourself

Stay tuned to see more It Gets Better comics from Otis College, coming your way next semester!