We’ve seen the positive impact that our organization’s mission and message can have on the lives of LGBTQ+ youth in the United States. As a global organization, we’re dedicated to making sure that happens for youth worldwide. That’s why we started Global Grants.

What are Global Grants?

Since 2016, we’ve set aside a portion of the It Gets Better Project’s annual budget to support extraordinary LGBTQ+ storytelling projects from both within and beyond our global affiliate network (to learn more about our affiliates, go to itgetsbetter.org/global). These funds are dispersed as small, one-time investments that assist our affiliates and others in their efforts to uplift, empower, and connect LGBTQ+ youth through story. This is particularly important in regions where resources for LGBTQ+ communities are scarce or competition for limited funds is high.

So far, 27 Global Grants and over $90,000 have been awarded to over a dozen organizations across Asia, Europe, and North and South America. (NOTE: We’ve also funded two Global Grant projects in Africa – one in Kenya and one in South Africa. Unfortunately for safety and security purposes, we are unable to publicize the details of those projects here.)


Have these grant projects been successful?

Absolutely! We are extremely proud of the projects that have emerged from our Global Grants program thus far. Each one has been well-crafted, high quality, mission-aligned, and a strong representation of what can be achieved with a small financial investment and a lot of creativity.

But don’t just take our word for it; the grant projects we’ve funded speak for themselves. The following are some of our most rewarding ones to date:



It Gets Better Portugal produced Já Melhorou (“Better Already”), an evocative online webseries featuring the stories of some of Portugal’s most influential LGBTQ+ figures and celebrities. This first season performed so well online in Portugal that a second season is now in the works!


Enactus Ramjas – India created the first online portal to connect and support young trans entrepreneurs across India.


It Gets Better España introduced the first pilot program in Spain for Alianzas por la Diversidad (“Diversity Alliances”, similar to Genders & Sexualities Alliances or GSAs in the United States).


It Gets Better Colombia co-produced a groundbreaking 9-video series called Traspatio (“Backyard”) together with Ícaro Films. The series documents the intimate lives of a group of entrepreneurial trans women and crossdressers in Bogota. It is currently being presented to various media companies for mass market distribution. 


It Gets Better Paraguay expanded their online It Gets Better video collection to include new episodes that highlight #MejoresAliados (“#BetterAllies”).



It Gets Better España partnered with Internet news and media companies El País and BuzzFeed España to highlight Spanish women and LGBTQ+ voices in the workplace.


It Gets Better Portugal produced the ground-breaking series Vamos Falar? (“Shall We Talk?”), featuring LGBTQ+ individuals sitting down with their family members for the first time to talk about their coming out experiences.


It Gets Better México hosted a summit for some of their leading national volunteers, and together marched in Mexico City Pride. To learn more about our summits, go to itgetsbetter.org/globalsummits


It Gets Better Brasil added 19 heartwarming new It Gets Better videos to their general collection. 


It Gets Better Paraguay, together with the Coalición LGBTI del Paraguay, hosted the 14th Annual LGBTI Pride Parade in Asunción. For more great images, check out the Facebook pages for It Gets Better Paraguay and the Coalición.


It Gets Better Paraguay also worked with local researchers and community volunteers to assess the quality of life of LGBTI youth in the Bañado Tacumbú neighborhood of Asunción, one of the first efforts of its kind to better understand the needs of this community in the region. To review their report, click here.


Es Wird Besser Österreich (Austria) traveled to Graz, Austria to record the first It Gets Better videos from the region.


It Gets Better UK partnered with Mermaids UK to document on video some testimonials of trans and non-binary people and their families. This was possible thanks to the video equipment that our british affiliate adquired through their Global Grants project.

REPADIS, a Paraguayan network of nonprofits which include our very own It Gets Better Paraguay and Amnesty International, presented to us a proposal to support their efforts to participate at the 16th Pride March in Asunción. Here’s the results:

To learn more about our Global Grants program, or to apply for a storytelling grant on behalf of your organization, email us at global@itgetsbetter.org.