The It Gets Better Project always has new and exciting initiatives happening in support of LGBTQ+ young people! These are some of the latest.

It Gets Better Project On Twitch!

Meet our current It Gets Better ambassadors and learn more about our upcoming streams on Twitch.

It's National Coming Out Day

Our best tips for National Coming Out Day. Because every coming out journey is different!

Teen Resource Guide

The It Gets Better Project partnered with Clean & Clear® for a brand new National Coming Out Day resource guide!

Putting Mental Health First

Our Youth Voices discuss mental health, being LGBTQ+ and all that entails for World Mental Health Day.

"Writing Our Own Dictionary"

WATCH NOW: Our new web series cracks open the LGBTQ+ glossary like you've never experienced it before.

New "Out in Sports" Study

New study shows out LGBTQ athletes report widespread acceptance from teammates!

Queer History Heroes You Need to Know

Meet the queer heroes who were fighting for LGBTQ+ civil rights long before Stonewall.

Celebrate LGBTQ+ Hispanic Icons

We're highlighting the stories of LGBTQ+ heroes for National Hispanic Heritage Month.

Alex Orué's "It Gets Better" Journey

Alex Orué was the first person to share his It Gets Better story in Spanish. Now, he oversees our Global Affiliate Network.

Queerbook Class of 2022

School's back, and so is #Queerbook. Click through for some back to school words of wisdom for LGBTQ+ youth.