From newly appointed LGBTQ+ officials to protecting our planet, the It Gets Better Project’s Youth Voices talk about the change they want to see happen over the next four years.

Isabella J. (She/Her) – 16

Jace D. (He/Him) – 16

Hammy H. (They/Them) – 17

Sometimes I contemplate what I would love to see in terms of the future. Flying cars, hoverboards, or lightsabers! Realistically, (as of 2021) the main thing that needs focus is Mother Earth, and here’s why.

The planet’s surface temperature has risen about 2.05 degrees Fahrenheit (1.14 degrees Celsius) since the late 19th century. This change is caused by HUMAN MADE emissions or carbon dioxide levels increasing. Which is also caused by humans cutting down an absurd amount of trees. In most cases, the trees are not put to use; they are shredded and placed in landfills.

The Earth is obviously our home and without her, well, we’d probably be floating near the sun. That’s hot; but not in a good way. Seriously, what is up with taking more than we need? What is up with the constant disrespect to the literal ball that gives us life. It transpires to how we treat each other as well. If we don’t have respect or a mutual understanding on where things come from then we will continue to take and destroy.

So, for the next four years, I hope we start realizing that we only have one earth. I hope we stop fracking, big game hunting, and increase going green in order for the Earth to peacefully rest.

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