Here’s a digest of the projects we were able to fund in 2018 within and outside of our Global Affiliate Network through our Global Grants initiative. To know more about it and how to apply, click here.


It Gets Better España partnered with Internet news and media companies El País and BuzzFeed España to highlight Spanish women and LGBTQ+ voices in the workplace.


It Gets Better Portugal produced the ground-breaking series Vamos Falar? (“Shall We Talk?”), featuring LGBTQ+ individuals sitting down with their family members for the first time to talk about their coming out experiences.


It Gets Better México hosted a summit for some of their leading national volunteers and together marched in Mexico City Pride. To learn more about our summits, go to


It Gets Better Brasil added 19 heartwarming new It Gets Better videos to their general collection. 


It Gets Better Paraguay, together with the Coalición LGBTI del Paraguay, hosted the 14th Annual LGBTI Pride Parade in Asunción. For more great images, check out the Facebook pages for It Gets Better Paraguay and the Coalición.

It Gets Better Paraguay also worked with local researchers and community volunteers to assess the quality of life of LGBTQ+ youth in the Bañado Tacumbú neighborhood of Asunción, one of the first efforts of its kind to better understand the needs of this community in the region. To review their report, click here.


Es Wird Besser Österreich (Austria) traveled to Graz, Austria to record the first It Gets Better videos from the region.