Here’s a digest of the projects we were able to fund in 2017 within and outside of our Global Affiliate Network through our Global Grants initiative. To know more about it and how to apply, click here.


It Gets Better Portugal produced Já Melhorou (“Better Already”), an evocative online web series featuring the stories of some of Portugal’s most influential LGBTQ+ figures and celebrities. This first season performed so well online in Portugal that a second season is now in the works!


Enactus Ramjas – India created the first online portal to connect and support young trans entrepreneurs across India.


It Gets Better España introduced the first pilot program in Spain for Alianzas por la Diversidad (“Diversity Alliances”, similar to Genders & Sexualities Alliances or GSAs in the United States).


It Gets Better Colombia co-produced a groundbreaking 9-video series called Traspatio (“Backyard”) together with Ícaro Films. The series documents the intimate lives of a group of entrepreneurial trans women and crossdressers in Bogota. It is currently being presented to various media companies for mass-market distribution. 


It Gets Better Paraguay expanded their online It Gets Better video collection to include new episodes that highlight #MejoresAliados (“#BetterAllies”).