It’s ELECTION SEASON and the It Gets Better Project is teaming up with Rock the Vote, DoSomething and GLSEN to make sure you you know everything you need to about the voting process.

November 8th = the midterm elections. That means some seats are up for grabs in the Senate, and all seats in Congress are up for grabs. And what’s extra important: some states will also be voting for their governor, state Assembly, & state Senate (they’re the ones who make your specific state’s laws)! 👀

So we’re launching #ElectionSzn, a video series on TikTok and Instagram aimed at encouraging eligible LGBTQ+ young people to register to vote and informing future voters about the process of voting. New videos will be posted weekly between now and Election Day 2022 (November 8) featuring LGBTQ+ content creators and activists sharing the reasons they are voting and the issues that matter most to them this election cycle.

Now is the time to use your vote to help elect people who have your best interests, your safety, and your future in mind. And if you aren’t yet eligible to vote, there are still plenty of things you can do to get involved in the process.

Bookmark this page or follow us on TikTok and Instagram so that you don’t miss a single episode of #ElectionSzn. And check out some of our election resources below so that you can brush up on everything you need to know before the midterms.