Since 2010, the It Gets Better Project and its Global Affiliate Network have collected over 60,000 video stories from LGBTQ+ people and their allies from around the globe. Here are some of our favorite moments from December 2019.

Maribel From Spain Shares Her Testimonial Of Resilience

In 2018 It Gets Better España highlighted Maribel Hernández in their video celebrating Lesbian Visibility Day. Now, she’s back to tell her inspiring story once again. Despite difficult beginnings, she can say without hesitation that it does get better!

Former Congressman And Openly Gay Politician From Peru Joins It Gets Better

A former congressman and the first openly gay federal politician in Peru, Alberto Belaunde, knows the importance of being visible to share hope. Here’s his message.

Exploring The LGBTQ+ History In Colombia – Part 2

In the second episode of this series on the LGBTQ + history of Colombia, our sister subsidiary shows that the fight for equal marriage was not easy. It required a lot of effort, love, and persistence that this right be a reality in our country.

Participant of The Great British Bake Off Shares His Story

Our affiliate in the United Kingdom continues to give us testimonials from British television. On this occasion, one of the contestants of the hit show The Great British Bake Off, Dan Beasley-Harling, shares how everything got better in his life.

Kiara Joins It Gets Better India

Kiara Iyer shares her story as a PR executive at the LaLiT and growing up queer in India.

Out-TV Personality Horacio Villalobos Shares His Message Of Hope

The openly gay Mexican producer, conductor, actor and broadcaster Horacio Villalobos shares a message of hope for LGBTQ + youth.

From The Deep South To The Big City, The Cannon-Crowe Family

Today, Chip Cannon has a husband, career and beautiful family, but things weren’t always so easy for the busy dad of three. Growing up in the south, it was hard for Cannon to envision a future like the one he has today. Here’s how things got better for him.

Not to mention…

Solomon Ray Shares His Message Of Hope With Mexican Queer Youth

Music knows no border, and out American-Mexican singer Solomon Ray has a special message of hope for the LGBTQ+ youth in Mexico.

Check out the video he did back in the summer of 2019 for us in the U.S. too!

It Gets Better Argentina Celebrates Their One-Year Anniversary

As one of the youngest members of the It Gets Better Project’s Global Affiliate Network, the Argentian team took solid steps in their actions to bring hope to LGBTQ+ youth in their first year of operations. Last month they hosted an event with allies and contributors in Buenos Aires to commemorate what was achieved in 2019 and look to ahead to 2020!

Trans Illustrator Milo Mars Collaborates With It Gets Better

Head to our Instagram account to see the beautiful illustrations Milo created as a countdown to the new year!

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