“We enthusiastically support the It Gets Better Project for its mission and how it delivers on it. With one eye on today’s youth and the other keenly looking to the future of tomorrow’s LGBTQ+, their ability to connect, uplift and educate is invaluable.”

– Catalyst Club Members, Steven Strickland & Leo Parrella, Leo Parrella Design Group Inc

The Catalyst Club introduces a new experience for the It Gets Better Project’s champion investors. Support starting at $1,200 can help to fund essential It Gets Better® initiatives, including but not limited to:

Influencer ($1,200): One It Gets Better® EduGuide for educators wanting to incorporate the LGBTQ+ experience into their lesson plans.

Change Agent ($5,000): An eight-part, original video series designed to uplift and empower LGBTQ+ youth.

Catalyst ($10,000): One It Gets Better® Global Summit in Latin America or Europe to train the next generation of LGBTQ+ social activists.

Social Innovator ($25,000): Media messaging and social media programming, including multi-language translations, to the It Gets Better Project’s 1M+ global audience for up to three months.

For more information on the Catalyst Club please contact us at info@itgetsbetter.org. And join the Catalyst Club today!

Catalyst Quarterly Newsletter

February, 2023