Cameron Esposito is a Los Angeles-based comic, actor, and writer. Cameron’s career has spanned everything from big-budget films to Sundance indies to animation. She costarred in and cocreated the much-lauded Take My Wife, now on Starz, has written for the New York Times, and has appeared as herself on TV, podcasts, and web series alike. Cameron hosts a popular interview podcast, Queery with Cameron Esposito, and her recent hit comedy special, Rape Jokes, raised almost $100,000 for rape crisis intervention.

Cameron’s first memoir, Save Yourself, was released in March 2020. In celebration of that achievement, we arranged for Cameron to connect with her close friend Tegan Quin (yes, the Tegan Quin, of the band Tegan and Sara) to discuss her book and all of its wonderful stories. You can catch that interview below.

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