Since 2010, the It Gets Better Project and its Global Affiliate Network have collected over 60,000 video stories from LGBTQ+ people and their allies from around the globe. Here are some of our favorite moments from April 2020.

Lesbian Visibility Day Collaboration for It Gets Better España

Many lesbian women from different generations and countries read out a letter to their younger selves of hope.

Dima Joins It Gets Better Russia

Dima is one of the many LGBTQ+ people that have decided to tell their stories in Russia for the benefit of other people within our community that might need some hope.

Sean Rico Joins It Gets Better Peru

Social media personality Sean Rico shares his message of hope for the LGBTQ+ community in Peru.

Paraguay: “With Memory & Acceptance” – Renate Costa

“Love without acceptance does not exist,” says Renate Costa, creator of the documentary 108 wooden knife. Consider that 108 has to be used as a value and freedom number. “With a lot of memory and acceptance, it gets better!,” he said in his video. Get to know her!

Archie – Brit Crew Joins It Gets Better UK

Archie from Ru Paul’s Brit Crew tells his It Gets Better Story. Archie talks about going to boarding school and realizing he was different, through to being open about being gay at work and how it got better.

Ma Faiza For It Gets Better India

Tune into the journey of iconic DJ Ma Faiza known as the ‘Mother of Electronica’ in India. Be ready to get inspired as she takes us through the struggles of coming out to her parents, who are now not only her best friends but some of her most powerful allies.

It Gets Better: The Cast & Crew of “Disclosure”

We sat down with the “Disclosure” cast and crew after the documentary’s world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival to talk about trans representation on screen.

Not to mention…

It Gets Better México Launches Resource Blog For Trans People

As part of Lesbian Visibility Day, our Mexcian affiliate launched a playlist on Spotify with the most iconic hymns to celebrate love between women.

It Gets Better Brasil Also Joined Spotify

Our Brazilian affiliate also joined this platform by launching their own playlist!

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