Since 2010, the It Gets Better Project has collected over 60,000 video stories from LGBTQ+ people and their allies from around the world. Here are some of our favorite moments from April 2019.

Sentiido’s Lina Cuella Shares Her Story With It Gets Better Colombia

Lina Cuella is the Director and Co-founder of Sentiido. She is a historian and loves reading. Today she tells us how in self-love she found the freedom she needed to recognize that being different is also beautiful. It gets better when you love yourself and take pride in the person you are.

It Gets Better España Talks About Myths Around Lesbians On Lesbian Visibility Day 

To celebrate Lesbian Visibility Day, our Spanish affiliate brought together three women to talk about myths and stereotypes, about couples, about flirting and about feminism.

Alexander Gaal Shares his Message of Hope with Es Wird Besser

More messages of hope from our German-speaking friends in Austria!

Todo Mejora Shares Hope Also Through Their Safe Hour Program In Chile

In Latin America, three of our affiliates have followed our Chilean team’s leadership with the implementation of this life-saving service for those LGBTQ+ youth people in crisis. This April, Todo Mejora shared some testimonies of how connecting them with this service and their community has changed their lives for the better..

The Cast of Netflix’s New Series Special Shared Their It Gets Better Message

We sat down with queer writer and actor Ryan O’Connell to discuss his new Netflix + Stage13 show, Special. The semi-autobiographical series chronicles the upward trajectory of O’Connell’s life, from living in denial to coming to terms with his disability.

Not to mention…

It Gets Better México + Lesbian Visibility Day

To commemorate Lesbian Visibility Day, our Mexican affiliate highlighted the testimony from one of their talented volunteers in Mérida about how she’s grown confident in herself:

“A long time ago, naming me ‘lesbian’ as a child gave me pause for all the bad things that I thought it meant. Today I can say that I am proud to be a lesbian and I embrace this word as part of my existence. Loving in this patriarchal world is difficult, but we will continue resisting and existing.” – Madeleine Rojas

It Gets Better Colombia Helps Respond To Hatred With Love

After a homophobic incident in a shopping mall in Bogota, our Colombian affiliate contributed in responding to this incident in the most effective way: with love. LGBTQ+ youth, activists, and allies gathered in the same mall to protests with kisses.

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