Our theme for this year’s AAPI Heritage Month is AAPI& – highlighting how our intersectional identities compliment each other and inform our experiences as LGBTQ+ people. As our featured AAPI creators, artists, musicians and activists prove, none of us are just one thing.

Reeta Loi – Creativity 🤝 queerness 🤝 Asian heritage! Meet storyteller @reetaloi, who wants you to remember that as the largest population in the world, there’s SO much support out there from people just like you, waiting to welcome you. 💜

Aidan L. – Meet Aidan, one of our Youth Voices, who is also…a classically trained musician! 🎹

He feels empowered knowing that every time he sits down at the piano or plays his violin on stage, his identities go against the expectations of these classical composers (many of whom were “really really old white men”).

You rock, Aidan. 💜

Phi C. – Speech kids rise up! “My childhood was torn between two identities. As I got older I realized that I will always be more than one thing.” 💜

For #AAPIHeritageMonth, see how our amazing Youth Voice Phi proves that your voice (and your art) truly can be your power.

Raheem B. – Meet @thatDosaCat, the South Asian drag queen who found empowerment through Kathak, the traditional Indian dance form, and now incorporates it into her drag!

They were real for this: “It’s about time that the South Asian heritage wasn’t comedy and it wasn’t a farce, but it’s something people look at and say ‘OH’ – because she is that one!”